Stephanie Gerber Wilson co founder
Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD

Professional Bio: 25-year strategic communications professional; strategic brand and web designer; historian focused on memory and memorialization; spoonie; queer fiction reader; INFJ; parent of teenage son and fluffy white dog; resident of Lexington, MA; aspiring to badassery.

Political Background: Volunteer for Pete for America; Biden Digital Coalition national Facebook lead; political pontificator; voter.

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Upon waking, Stephanie drinks her first cup of coffee and checks social media to find out what fresh hell has erupted overnight. Thankfully, since Biden took office, this ritual doesn't ruin her day quite as often.


Stephanie has been active in international peacebuilding efforts since the 1990s, but her role in US politics focused on ranting, pontificating, and voting before 2016. Her first volunteer effort was writing postcards for Stacey Abrams, who remains one of her biggest heroes.


In early 2019, she heard a dude with an unpronounceable name on a podcast talking about political philosophy. She went to an in-person event in a neighboring town, and was overjoyed to hear a candidate who spoke in paragraphs and shared her values. She began volunteering for the Pete for America campaign immediately.


When Pete's primary campaign ended, Stephanie cried a little, then became the National Facebook Lead for the Biden Digital Coalition, where she saw great content change minds and motivate action.


After Biden and Harris won the election, she went on to amplify messaging for the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns. After 1/6 and the massive Republican movement to curtail voting rights, she jumped in to try to save democracy again, and kicked off More Perfect Democracy with her badass organizing bff Mary Rarick.


She's learned that by working to save democracy she can look herself in the mirror every day and be proud that she helped change the world.


Stephanie lives in Lexington, MA  with her teenage son, her fluffy white dog, and her heroic husband who is her MPD co-leader and still does all the cooking.


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