Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD
Co-Founder/Executive Director, Strategy & Messaging

Professional Bio: 25-year strategic communications professional; strategic brand and web designer; historian focused on memory and memorialization; spoonie; queer fiction reader; INFJ; parent of teenage son and fluffy white dog; resident of Lexington, MA; currently planning world domination.

Political Background: Volunteer for Pete for America; Biden Digital Coalition national Facebook lead; political pontificator; voter.

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Mary Rarick
Co-Founder/Executive Director,
Partnerships & Outreach

Former: Oregon state lead for Pete for America; Biden Digital Coalition content lead; editor; cat parent; scaredy cat.

Current: MPD Co-Founder/Executive Director Partnerships & Outreach; Multnomah County precinct committee person; alternate Oregon State Central Committee delegate; cat parent; badass.

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