BansOffOurBodies: Keep it Trending

Key Messages and Hashtags

1. Republicans across the country are trying (and succeeding) in making abortion illegal, imposing evangelical Christian Nationalist religious views on pregnant peoples' bodies. This weekend we saw a mass protest across the country for the right to bodily autonomy, which is supported by the vast majority of Americans. Let's keep the righteous indignation high for #ReproductiveFreedom #ReproductiveJustice #BansOffOurBodies. Let's keep the focus on why it's so important to have control over our own bodies. Lots of pictures of memes below.

2. Several sitting members of Congress have been subpoenaed by the J6 committee investigating the #CriminalConspiracy. It's time to center these high level Trump Republicans in the narrative and begin to paint them as unqualified for office because they planned, promoted, paid for, and participated in the Jan 6 attack on America, which started on Nov 4, 2022 and lasts up until today. Research confirms that calling them criminals (rather than traitors), and calling for accountability for all members of the #CriminalConspiracy is most effective.

3. Republicans are planning to raise taxes on most regular folks, dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and take away affordable healthcare. The only Republican plan for America to date raises taxes on the least wealthy of us and sunsets Medicare and Social Security leaving seniors AND DISABLED people in the cold. We need to elect Dems to continue to make healtcare accessible, to put money in Americans' pockets, give kids access to clean air and water, and let seniors and disabled folk live with dignity. We all deserve the #FreedomToThrive.

4. On Saturday, a teenage racist and anti-semite issued a manifesto and then killed 10 people in a Buffalo Supermarket. The shooter streamed the killings on Twitch and made it very clear he is a racist and was killing people because of the Great Replacement Theory. Where could he have possibly been radicalized, you may ask? Ah, Check out Tucker Carlson each night on Fox and the answer is White before your eyes. For more on Great Replacement Theory, white nationalism, racism and it's beating heart, anti-semitism, read this ever more critical thread and video clip by Black civil rights leader Eric Ward here.


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Eric Ward on the Heart of White Nationalism. It is a magnificent primer on White Nationalism and Replacement Theory.



  • On Twitter: Focus on #BansOffOurBodies and #ReproductiveFreedom Make stories the mainstream media buries trend on social media. Overall hashtag #FreedomToThrive

  • On Facebook: Focus on asking people to spread the message about Democrats' achievements and values, especially including the #BansOffOurBodies protests this weekend.

  • Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It is time to change the conversation framing to our own ground and to start talking about #FreedomToThrive.

  • Do not like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must.

  • Download the content above and post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another platform of your choice. (Click on the image to enlarge, then right click/double finger click to "save image as"). Everything you see here is free and open source. Also, find DemCast's content here. And Into Action's content here.


Bottom line

There is no other way to preserve democracy than to WIN BIG in November. To that end, please talk to every single person in your network about volunteering and voting in primaries and in November. This is the #1 priority, and everything else we talk about supports that.


Mark your calendar

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