Biden Has a SCOTUS Nomination, Plus Puppies and a Kitty

I hope those of you who lived through the Blizzard of '22 are shoveled out. We got about two feet of snow here outside of Boston. Last week there were some metaphorical storms as Justice Breyer announced his retirement and President Biden vowed to appoint a Black woman justice to replace him.

This week's focus

This week we will continue our focus on the extremely effective first year of the Biden administration. Though the press has painted this year as an abject failure, we know this is not true. We have a few new pieces of content that will help us tell the story, helped by Commander, the Bidens' new puppy, and Willow, their new kitten.

We will also focus on Biden's Supreme Court nomination. Though we do not yet know whom he willl nominate, the shortlist has three enormously qualified African American women on it. Our messaging should focus on

1. White men have comprised 95% of Supreme Court justices so far, and they must have been shown preference in order to get there.

2. We need to have representation from more of the population on the bench, so we can move forward to provide equal rights and #JusticeforAll.

3. SCOTUS has never benefited from the perspective of a Black woman, so the most qualified candidates are ALL Black women.

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Bottom line

We keep moving. Midterms are in November (with primaries before then), and together we can help Democrats win more elections at every level. We have succeeded before, and we can do it again if we work together.


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