January 6 Hearings tonight 8pmET: Messaging and CTA

Key Messages and Hashtag #JAN6JUSTICE

1. The January 6 hearings start tonight. Please post as much as possible on Twitter, in FB groups, Insta, Tiktok, wherever you spend any time in social media. Use hashtag #Jan6Justice

2. Main Messages:

January 6 is part of an ONGOING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to overthrow our government. MAGA Republicans planned, paid for, promoted, pardoned this criminal attack to block the will of the voters and these BIPARTISAN hearings are to hold them accountable.

3. Language Embrace/Replace: The language here has been tested and is recommended by freedom rising (Anat Shenker-Osorio and the Research Collaborative), as well as the Not Above the Law coalition.




Criminal Conspiracy/Crimes

Attempted Coup

Crime framing more resonant

MAGA Republicans or

Trump Republicans

GOP or Trump Admin

GOP candidates have to answer for whether they're MAGA and therefore want to overthrow the gov

Planned, Promoted, Paid For, Pardoned

Big Lie or lured people with lies

Lie spreading is weakest proof; can be evaded with Free Speech argument

Events leading to Jan 6; Criminal Conspiracy to plan/cover up Jan 6

January 6 on its own

We need to focus on the people who planned to overthrow the government and subvert will of people, not those who just broke in to the Capitol.

Attack on our country/Attack on America

Attack on our Capitol

Make it personal for voters. Center our country/our government/replacing idea of consent of the governed to rule by minority few

Protect our freedom to vote

Ensure the will of the people prevails

Defend or protect our democracy

Democracy is an abstraction. Center the voters (will of the people). Freedom to vote and have our votes count. Freedom to choose our own government (consent of the governed)

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Hearings 8pm ET on every network and cable news EXCEPT Fox.



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  • Do not like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online. PERIOD. What you negate, you elevate. ALWAYS ALWAYS use the framing above (embrace) to counter Republican talking points. NEVER use their words. EVER.

  • DemCast's content. Into Action's content.


Bottom line

There is no other way to preserve democracy than to WIN BIG in November. To that end, please talk to every single person in your network about volunteering and voting in primaries and in November. This is the #1 priority, and everything else we talk about supports that.


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