Patriots Are All-In on Ukraine Support; Traitors Attack Biden

In the news

1. Ukraine: still holding out against Russians, who are committing war crimes with cluster bombs, attacks on civilians, attacks on journalists, and attacks on those in humanitarian corridors. This week: draw a direct line between Republicans and Putin or anti-Ukraine sentiments. (Ex: Marco Rubio betrayed Zelinsky by tweeting a picture of his location despite instructions not to.) Show how republicans switched sides as their Russian contributions started drying up. Draw a clear line from TFG's extortion of Zelinsky and the delay in sending Ukraine weapons to Putin's plans for a greater Russian empire. Note that Trump intended to dismantle NATO in his 2nd term, according to John Bolton (not generally reliable as a source, but useful here).

2. On the home front: Texas and Florida have both used the war in Ukraine as a distraction from their inhumane policies toward LGBTQ+ kids. Find content #NotAfraidToSayGay.

3. A new poll shows 81% of Americans are unaware that the US had record job growth last year. We need to spread the truth far and wide, and FB is the best place to do this.


1. Call out the Republicans who are for Putin or not solidly behind Biden and Ukraine. Ukraine=Democracy and Putin=Dictatorship. Those who are pro-Putin (or anti-Biden) are attacking democracy abroad and giving comfort to our adversaries.

2. Raise awareness of the "Don't Say Gay" bill in Florida, where discussions of gender and sexuality are forbidden in elementary school and harshly curbed in older grades. We also want to show our vocal support of trans people in Texas, where the state is trying to call gender-affirming care child abuse.

3. Start spreading the word about jobs growth last year on Facebook groups.

4. Vocally support Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS!

5. Start getting good info about voting out in key states.

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  • Download the content above and post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another platform of your choice. (Click on the image to enlarge, then right click/double finger click to "save image as"). Everything you see here is free and open source.

  • On Twitter: Focus on Ukraine and Republican ties to Russia, Republican attacks on America, and Biden's ability to unite NATO.

  • On Facebook: Focus on asking people to spread the message about jobs added and individual Biden successes or policy pieces. Also focus on Republicans voting against important bills to help the American people, particularly support for veterans exposed to burn pits.

  • Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It is time to change the conversation framing to our own ground and to start talking about Building A Better America or Republicans criming.

  • Do not like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must

Bottom line

We are working with the world to preserve democracy in Ukraine. We must preserve it at home as well. If we work together, we can help Democrats win more elections at every level. We have succeeded before, and we can do it again!


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Check out Heather Cox Richardson's interview with Biden on American possibility and other topics. Find it here. Please share it widely.


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