Republican House Reps Prove They Are Anti-American and Anti-Justice

Key Messages

1. 193 House Republicans voted against containing the cost of insulin. Does that sound like folks who care about Americans' health and well-being? #Insulin4All

2. All but three House Republicans voted against decriminalization of marijuana, which would make the justice system more just. Do these Republicans sound like people who believe in #Justice4All?

3. Republicans in Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa, and more states are trying to make abortion illegal, imposing evangelical Christian Nationalist religious views on pregnant peoples' bodies. Do these Republicans look like people who believe in #Liberty, or even #Life itself?

4. Jobs numbers came in, and the economy has added 1.7 million jobs since January. The Biden/Harris administration lowered the deficit last year by $354 billion. Deficit hawks should be pleased. The more people are employed, the more the deficit goes down!

5. Republicans continue to double down on anti-American, anti-patriotic actions. a. Ginny Thomas was intensely involved in J6 and the attempted overthrow of the government, and Justice Clarence Thomas voted to shield her. He needs to resign or recuse himself from J6 cases. b. There is a 7-hour gap in White House call logs on Jan. 6 (in contrast to 20 minutes missing in Watergate). What would these call logs reveal about the attempted overthrow of the government? c. Fox News continues to do Putin's propaganda work for him, repeating Russian talking points, even as America and our allies are fighting a war against Russia.


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  • Do not like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must.

Bottom line

There is no other way to preserve democracy than to WIN BIG in November. To that end, please talk to every single person in your network about volunteering and voting in primaries and in November. This is the #1 priority, and everything else we talk about supports that.


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Heather Cox Richardson, "Letters from an American." on the March jobs and the economy.


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