Stay Focused: Inflation, Information Flushing, and Invasion

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This week, we continue to punch back about the economy by foregrounding corporations' record profits and their real reasons for raising prices—to make more money for their executives and shareholders. It is important not to use the I-word, but to talk about corporate price gouging and exploitation.

We also focus on Republican lawlessness and the former administration's treatment of Top Secret information. We need to make it clear that Republicans are the party of treason, lawlessness, illegal destruction of records, and sedition. Again, never use the words "legitimate political discourse," because that will normalize it. Flip the script and call Republicans seditious, anti-patriotic, treasonous, or the like.

Russia is also expected to invade Ukraine this week, and the Biden administration is doing amazing work on diplomacy with our allies. BUT foreign policy does not move people in domestic elections, so do not focus on it in your advocacy. There is no upside.


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  • Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It is time to flip the conversation to our own ground and to start talking about Democrats delivering or Republicans criming. Don't like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must.

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Watch, listen, read, and follow

Watch: The Reid Out segment about how corporations are making record profits and CEOs are bragging about raising prices to their boards and shareholders.

Listen: Listen to the podcast Future Hindsight. Interview with Anat Shenker-Osorio on winning messages.

Read: Dan Pfeiffer, "How Dems Can Punch Back on Inflation."

Read: Mike Lux Media, "Why Democrats Can Win in 2022, and How We Will Do It". Mike Lux, a political strategists talks winning strategy: "What Democrats need to do is shake off the doldrums, get over the pessimism, and get about the business of fashioning a winning strategy for 2022."

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Bottom line

We keep moving. Midterms are in November (with primaries before then), and together we can help Democrats win more elections at every level. We have succeeded before, and we can do it again if we work together.


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