The war on Mickey is an assault on Democracy and an attempt to divide us.

Key Messages and Hashtags

1. Florida's war with Disney is meant to distract and divide us, while DeSantis and his anti-Democracy Republican colleagues dismantle free speech, the #FreedomToLearn, and the #FreedomToThrive. What starts in Florida will soon spread throughout Red America.

2. Recent tapes of Kevin McCarthy show that even Republican leadership that kisses TFG's ring knows he fomented a coup, and they continue to plan for the next one. It's time to hold them accountable, vote for Dem Secretaries of State, and continue to #DefendDemocracy.

3. Republicans across the country are trying (and succeeding) in making abortion illegal, imposing evangelical Christian Nationalist religious views on pregnant peoples' bodies. Do these Republicans look like people who believe in #Liberty, or the #FreedomToThrive?

4. The Republicans are planning to raise taxes on most regular folks, dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and take away affordable healthcare. We need to elect Dems to continue to put money in Americans' pockets, give kids access to clean air and water, and make telemedicine more accessible with better broadband for all. We all deserve the #FreedomToThrive.

5. Republicans continue to double down on anti-American, anti-patriotic actions. a. Kevin McCarthy lied about his intention after 1/6 to ask Trump to resign. b. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for insurrection and now says she doesn't recall doing so in the face of video evidence that she did c. Saudi Prince MBS gave Jared Kushner $2b for his new fund. What kind of secrets get that kind of payoff?


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Three speeches from Dems that we should watch and learn from. Found on Dan Rather's substack here.



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  • On Twitter: Focus on new information in the coup investigation, and holding Republicans accountable. Make stories the mainstream media buries trend on social media.

  • On Facebook: Focus on asking people to spread the message about Democrats' achievements and values.

  • Commit to stop refuting Republican messaging with their own words. It is time to change the conversation framing to our own ground and to start talking about #FreedomToThrive.

  • Do not like, retweet, or comment on Republican content online—screenshot if you must.


Bottom line

There is no other way to preserve democracy than to WIN BIG in November. To that end, please talk to every single person in your network about volunteering and voting in primaries and in November. This is the #1 priority, and everything else we talk about supports that.


Mark your calendar

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