Three ways to honor the USA the week of Thanksgiving

Take it Slow and Steady

Main Idea: We’re all exhausted and Thanksgiving is coming. Pie is calling. We can imagine the stuffed feeling as we sit around the table, perhaps the first time with family in a long time. Before we fall into our comas, we all can do three simple things.

Pre-coma and pro-democracy actions:

  1. Post one piece of pro-democracy, pro-Biden admin, or racial justice content to your social media accounts.

  2. Reach out to one friend or relative and send them this newsletter to get them more involved in the fight for democracy.

  3. Follow one content creator on social media, or subscribe to one newsletter to become more informed.

Bottom Line: We all need to learn to take small actions to promote democracy and bring others into the activist fold. We’re tired. We need a break. But we can’t give up. So we keep it slow and steady, but above all we keep moving.

All Roads Lead to Lincoln: President Abraham Lincoln established the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863 as a way to bring together a fractured nation. By creating a common holiday of gratitude, he hoped to appeal to our better angels and help heal the nation. This is particularly poignant as we go into Thanksgiving this year feeling our country fracturing ever more sharply.


Watch, Listen, Read, and Follow

Watch: Anything that isn’t cable news. Stay away from CNN or any cable news this Thanksgiving. It’ll help your digestion immeasurably.

Listen: In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt. This is the best podcast for getting the most updated and useful Covid news. Last week’s episode with Dr. Bob Wachter is a great discussion of how to think about the relative risks of ongoing Covid, and thoughtful ways to think about various activities.

Read: Heather Cox Richardson’s Letter from an American. Richardson puts the events of the day into the context of American history, and shows us the roots of today’s fight for democracy within our own history.


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