WE are the most important messengers: Creating a booming choir to spread the word

When we, the active volunteer army, repeat tested and helpful messaging, we create the kind of message momentum that the Right creates as a matter of course. Though we despise the Right’s march toward Fascism, we can learn from how they fire up their voters. They make every one of their supporters into messengers of simple, repeatable messages. So, for those of us in the choir, we’ve got to tune our voices and start singing to the rafters. What is the message, you ask? Join us or follow us to find it, and then spread it as far and as wide as you can.

Download these graphics or find them at www.twitter.com/moreperfectdems. Sample Message: “We are the most important messengers of the pro-democracy movement in this country. We need to spread the good news and the winning messages ourselves, and not depend on anyone in office to do it for us.”

The BIG DEAL: Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses

The Biden Infrastructure Plan has passed and we’ve got to declare victory, do a little dance, sing a little song, and BLAST THE VICTORY FAR AND WIDE. We have to make a huge deal of our victories, because nobody else is going to do it for us. Pointing to how #DemocratsDeliver is a baseline for the midterms—necessary but not sufficient for victory.

Sample Message: #DemocratsDelivered to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. Where Teddy Roosevelt had the Square Deal, and FDR had the New Deal, Biden has passed the BIG DEAL. Get ready for better roads and bridges, cleaner water and air, electric vehicles, and most importantly NEW JOBS!”

The 2021 November Election was a HUGE win for Dems outside Virginia

We are all so caught up in the Virginia loss that we haven’t absorbed the breadth of Dem wins across the country. For example, Democrats flipped 41 seats in 21 counties in Georgia. Murphy won re-election in New Jersey—the first time a Dem has won a second term since the 1970s, and Run for Something candidates won far and wide in local elections across the country.

Sample Message: “Dems won huge victories across the country in State and Local races.”


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