Yes, Virginia, You Have One Last Chance to Vote for Terry

Virginia, it's GO time. If you our your friends haven't yet gone to vote for Terry McAuliffe, it's time to get out there and get it done.

Glenn Youngkin has shown that he's in favor of banning books and spreading Covid, and his supporters carry Tiki torches, like the Charlottesville Nazis did.

Download these graphics or find them at Sample Message: "Grab three of your friends and get out to vote for Terry McAuliffe and the rest of the Dems on the ballot. Do you really want a pro-Covid Nazi as Governor?"


No need to rely on the official Dems to provide the messaging...we, as active and engaged citizens, are actually the best messengers for democracy! Use your power and spread the word thoughtfully on social and with your friends. Be mindful of the best way to frame the story.

Sample Message: "Are you helping to pass on helpful messaging? Of course you are, but let's remind everyone that we're all messengers. The other side knows this. It's time we did too. Make sure you're passing on the most helpful narrativ


Now that we have a framework for Build Back Better, we need to stop complaining and declare victory at the top of our lungs. We need to take the win (the bill is larger than the New Deal, after all), talk about how great it is, and move on to pressing for the Freedom to Vote Act. If we don't pass Voting Rights, everything else is immaterial.

Sample Message:: The Freedom to Vote and have that vote counted is at the very core of American liberty. It's the starting point for our democracy. We need to guarantee it, in the face of Fascist GOP pressure to suppress the vote, sabotage the election and stage a coup."


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